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Close up of master craftsman, Jeff McCoy, hand grinding a Scratch Golf club head
The irons give me more control with my yardages, trajectory, and spin which is a necessity to get better. The custom fit wedges have the best feel around the greens to help get up and down from virtually anywhere. Not only do they perform at the highest level but having the confidence looking down at a perfect setup makes golf more enjoyable all around for professionals and amateurs. I highly recommend anybody who is trying to get to the next level in their golf game to get a custom fit set of irons and wedges. Tim Burke Remax World Long Drive Champion, 2013

The Scratch Golf Range

Close up in our master craftsmens workshop

Our skilled craftsmen in Hemiji, Japan possesses a combined sum of hundreds of years experience forging and grinding golf clubs going back to the days of forging the finest Samurai swords.

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